UZ Fabricがキュレーターとなり、独自の視点と感性を持つ様々なブランドを紹介するプロジェクト《唯一無二展》。プロジェクト発足以来、全国でのポップアップを始めとし、展開を続けています。



UZ Fabric is the curator of the "YUIITSU-MUNI" project, which introduces various brands with unique perspectives and sensitivities. Since its inception, the project has continued to expand with pop-ups and other events throughout Japan.
Our rules and perspective for curating are very simple. It must be made in a way that no one else has. It must not be replicable. Must have a unique worldview. so, "YUIITU-MUNI" means "One & Only".
What we present is not over-the-top "ART". We present only pieces that can be casually incorporated into everyday life, such as clothing, jewelry, bags, and other wearable items. We hope you will enjoy the casual beauty and unique encounters you will have here.

Curation brand